OPEN STUDIO is a collaborative portfolio of student, apprentice, and self-taught design.

OPEN STUDIO is a collaborative portfolio of student, apprentice, and self-taught design

OPEN STUDIO Volume 1 is a collaborative portfolio of student, apprentice, and self-taught work, by upcoming object and furniture designers. The project was born out of a desire to expand the conversation and spectrum of design, and to create a space for exhibiting work, even as galleries and schools close their doors indefinitely.

To construct this issue, we thought about individuality, process, and materials use. We gravitated toward pieces that made us stop and look, through their complexity or simplicity, and were struck by the diversity of work we received.

We are at a milestone moment in the history of design. While we look to the past for knowledge and understanding, we know that the most important work will happen in the upcoming years, as the design community grows beyond tradition and exclusivity to value accessibility, representation, and conversation. We’re excited by the volume of fascinating work coming from the fresh eyes of new designers, and hopeful for the world they can help bring about.

Pink Essay is an online design gallery focused on new and progressive work by upcoming and established designers, curated by David Eardley and Anna Theroux Ling. Through our visual archive, object stories on @its.roomy, and special features on our site, we work to expand the conversation around design. We believe that good design is democratic, accessible, antiracist, and sustainable. Explore Pink Essay at @pinkessay and

Lichen is a Brooklyn based interior design incubator. Ed Be & Jared Blake partnered in 2017 combining years of experience collecting, selling and trading designer furniture throughout NYC. Together they aim to create a community of lich-minded individuals enthused by music, creativity, and design. Explore Lichen at @lichennyc and

We would like to thank everyone who made this possible — Julianna, our talented graphic designer, for bringing our ideas to life, our friends and family for pitching in with suggestions and ideas, and to each of the blossoming designers who took the time to share their work with us. It was truly a pleasure.

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Design: Julianna Santolucito (@good_jujuu) Typefaces: Pilowlava By Anton Moglia + Jérémy Landes (Velvetyne Type Foundry), Sporting Grotesque By Lucas Le Bihan (Velvetyne Type Foundry), and Open Sans By Steve Matteson (Ascender Corporation)

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